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Off Grid Water

Well Folks, This had been a project that’s taken me all summer to get somewhere with.   I was planning to go about this a different way, but Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. On our property there’s a river that winds through the corner, and IN the river, ON the property, is a “artesian spring”. I’m no […]
Quick and Dirty Reloading Bench 1.0 Beta

Quick and Dirty Reloading Bench 1.0 Beta

Quick and dirty project, quick and dirty post. I got my hands on a Black & Decker workmate 225, some lumber, screws, and an old roll-around dishwasher. Time to add it all together….. The Workmate bench cost $80 off of Amazon. The dishwasher top was free. The lumber, screws, and wood glue totaled about $15. […]

Getting Ready for Outdoor Enthusiasm

Along with they joy of fine tuning my ammunition for my outdoor fun, there’s another angle lots of people enjoy. My family is lucky enough to have that “camp up north” place.  We also (luckily) have that “cottage up north”.  Not wanting to brag or make others feel inferior at all, but me and my […]
leeloader MIG

Bedtime stories Series…..Part 2

…Part 1   So I’ve decided “It’s time for me to do this.” Where to start, what to buy?  This is the type of thing that can become overwhelming to a person who does not know. Luckily there was YouTube.  Somehow on my searches I believe that the videos I started to watch were for […]
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Bedtime stories Series…..Part 1

I’ve decided to go ahead and add some more to this channel….by telling some history about me and how I’ve gotten to here.  This will be…guessing 4 or 5 parts…2 or 3 days apart.   I don’t want to slam everyone with everything in 1 go…so ….  Baby Steps.     ENJOY SO…. Here we are at […]

Our Future is Here.

First off, I need to express my thanks to LOADS OF BACON for taking his precious time and money to do this….for Us. I really believe that this outlet will grow into a large network of people to share knowledge and experiences so that we may better the 2A community.   We will become family.  You may […]