Sig320 First Shots with 31 Year Old Ammo

We have all seen this question before. How Long can you keep your ammo? Sig320 Compact with Wilson Extended Slide Stop and Sig Flat Trigger being shot for the very first time. With 147gr hardball ammo from 1990, yes correct from 1990. If you maintain the ammo appropriately to manufacturer spec it can sit on […]
H&K SP5 SBR Project

H&K SP5 SBR Project

My friend got his approval/stamp approved and invited me out to play with the new pew pew. This project has been under way for some time. What do you think, is it worth a video on the necessary SBR steps? mr.revolverguy
Eley Club XTRA  – A CZ Range Day

Eley Club XTRA – A CZ Range Day

With all of the evil and craziness being reported on 24×7 in the main stream media it is easy to forget about the good that happens which no one ever talks about. I can’t believe a complete stranger approached me and gave me a 500 round box of Eley Club Extra. I tried even putting […]