Howa 1500 Mini Action 222 Remington

I hate firearms reviews. They fill the all the gun mags with them today. Very few authors give honest reviews as the manufacturers have sent them free stuff to test. Well, I had to pay for mine – even if it was wholesale. So here we go. I acquired two rifles over the holidays, this […]

Quest for precision 2 -Wind, Light and Mirage

As I write this, the rains and wind from Florence pelt my home in the foothills of NC. I will get some reloading done this weekend. I will leave my techniques for loading in Part 3. I want to discuss the effects of Wind, Light and Mirage and how it affects POI (point of impact). […]

Helping my local Farmers

*** This post contains pictures of dead critters. If this gives you pause, do not continue to read. Thanks.*** Here in Western N.C., farming practices have changed quite a bit over the last two decades. No till, soybeans or corn are major crops. Well, all God’s creatures love the aforementioned crops. I have seen the […]

Continuing a quest for Precision

This will be my first post here, so hoping you all find it informative. A bit of background first though. I have been shooting for 40 years, Reloading for 20 years, Precision shooting/Benchrest shooting for about 4 years. I still don’t know a dadgum thing. Every time I think I have had an AH HAH! […]