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First Pheasant 1

Wife’s First Pheasant

I took my wife, Lacey, to Double Barrel Ranch, just south of Spokane, WA. This was her first ever pheasant hunt. We did well, but to be honest we missed a couple birds. Either way, we had a blast and it was well worth the trip, we will definitely be going back. Vaughn Precision


I hate to post this, but please beware! This website is a total scam (RoyalFirearms)! They can be reached in a far middle eastern country at 702-670-2043. Better yet, go to the website and get the address, then take a minute to Google Earth it…… They are ripping people off! I called them and confronted […]
MEC Marksman Press, 2 Year Review!

MEC Marksman Press, 2 Year Review!

We are reviewing the MEC Marksman Press after 2 Years! This is still an Excellent Press and I continue to recommend it to anyone who asks what press to buy. This press has thousands of rounds on it now and it’s holding up like a champ! Anyone who invests in a reloading press should surely […]
Patternmaster Choke Technology, Code Black Duck

Patternmaster Choke Technology, Code Black Duck

This is the first real video for the new Shotgun Series, part 1. I wanted to start with something a little different, something that had a new and undiscovered technology vs the standard chokes that just constrict the bore of the shotgun. Pattermaster Code Black designed the Stud Ring for the choke, this eliminates the […]
Shotgun Series Introduction PT 1, and Giveaway

Shotgun Series Introduction PT 1, and Giveaway

Welcome to the new series all about shotguns, chokes and shotshell testing, reloading, hunting and more. Over the next few years we will be testing out the Patternmaster chokes and others, a huge variety and ammo and several shotguns. On top of that, we will be taking you along with us on several hunts for […]

A BIG Thank you!

To all who have followed me! I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has followed me here and on YouTube, to the folks who have prayed for my speedy recovery, to the folks who reached out and checked on me. You are the people who make this world a better place, my […]

Recovery Update

Good morning everyone! We appreciate all the comments, thoughts and prayers people have sent our way. Recovery has been slower than I expected, perhaps I expected to jump to my feet and be back to normal in a few weeks. That’s not the case, these things take much longer to heal unfortunately. I’ve been left […]
The New Tract Binoculars, 12.5×50 UHD

The New Tract Binoculars, 12.5×50 UHD

Tract Toric UHD 12.5x50 binoculars are probably the best in class for the price! I wish there was a way to show you what they actually look like on camera. These pop with color, no distortion, clear to the edge and rugged. Now I've owned many pairs of binoculars but I've never been able to talk myself in to spending $2000-$3000 for a pair. When I got my hands on these for well under $1000, I was shocked at the clarity of them.