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Boyd’s At-One Thumbhole Stock, New for 2019

Boyd’s At-One Thumbhole Stock, New for 2019

Welcome back everyone! Boyd’s reached out to me a few months back and asked if I’d be willing to do a build featuring the new At-One Thumbhole design. Turns out I had a customer’s rifle that could benefit from a nice new stock, so now we’re in business. Over the next month we’ll be working […]

2019 Shot Show

Well, we had an amazing time at shot show this year. I got to meet Loads of Bacon, Kenny from Eagle Eye Shooting, Logan from West Desert Shooter, Gavin from the Ultimate Reloader along with many many others. We were able to put our hands on some great products some old and some new. We […]
Cartridge Selection, Father & Son rifle Build

Cartridge Selection, Father & Son rifle Build

Well, this is the video that you’ll either love or hate based on what we selected. You may have guessed it, the 6.5 Creedmoor was the winner. That’s not to knock other calibers or cartridges out there as most perform very well. But, due to some research and personal experience, the Creedmoor edges the others out slightly.

MDT LSS Chassis Build, .308 Short Barrel

I had a customer stop in the other day and bring me a Remington 700 (.308) with a short 20" thin sport barrel. However, he had a very nice MDT Chassis! I've seen them before, but never had a chance to really take a close look and play around with it. As we move through this build process, it's going to give me a chance to take her out for some shots and give me a better idea of how I like (or don't like) them. First impressions are good however.

Satterlee Load Development and Testing

This test has proven to be a winner. It's worked every time I've used it and continues to perform. More data with less shots. You can do this Satterlee test, find the node and load 10 more to verify the data. Start to finish in 20 rounds. Hard to beat that!