SUDAMI X-RING │ Reloading Press

SUDAMI X-RING │ Reloading Press

In this video I would like to demonstrate the SUDAMI X-RING reloading press from South Africa. SUDAMI offers and builds reloading products of high quality. The SUDAMI X-RING reloading press is built like a tank and with this reloading press you can reload very accurate rounds easily. WiederladerTvhttps://wiederlader.tv/
Roll Sizing Brass with the Case Roller

Roll Sizing Brass with the Case Roller

In this video I show the case roller by Gun Metal Bullets in action. I bought this machine to roll size my brass. With this I remove bulges and make sure that the case feeds in my gun each and every time. Further, a roll sized case is much easier to reload which saves time […]

Hornady Interlock Bullets For Hunting

In this video I will show you my handloads for hunting in 308 Winchester. For my handloads I use Hornady 150gr BTSP Interlock bullets and Vihtavouri N140. This handload shoot pretty good groups at 100m. My rifle is a Tikka T3 Varmint in 308 Win. WiederladerTvhttps://wiederlader.tv/
MK Machining

MK Machining Gen III MagnetoSpeed mount

In this video I show you the MK Machining Gen III mount for the Magnetospeed chrony. With this mount I can attach the Magnetospeed to my rifle without touching the barrel. So barrel harmonics are not affected by the Magnetospeed anymore. WiederladerTvhttps://wiederlader.tv/

MEC 600 Slugger

Here is my first short video about the MEC 600 Slugger I bought month ago. The video is more a “first view”. I will make another video showing the reloading process with the MEC 600 Slugger in detail asap. With the MEC 600 Slugger you can reload shotgun slugs with an roll crimp like factory […]
Akkar Churchill Defense 206E

Akkar Churchill Defense 206E

In my latest video I would like to show you the Akkar Churchill Defense 206E over under shotgun. This compact shotgun is made for home defense but can used for sport shooting and hunting as well. WiederladerTvhttps://wiederlader.tv/
My last time using Hodgdon Trail Boss

My last time using Hodgdon Trail Boss

Hodgdon Trail Boss is a great smokeless powder for cartridges like the old 45-70 Government or subsonic load in .308 Winchester. The large volume of this powder makes it possible to fill up a large case for a safe powder burning without the high pressures that would come into play with other smokeless powders. Thanks […]
Ransom Rest Shooting Machine

Ransom Rest Shooting Machine

To make my ammo accuracy test more solid and with less errors I spend the money for the Ransom Rest Master shooting machine. I bought it from Brownells Germany. This very fine company offers great service and I would like to thank them for the support. Here you can see a short video about the […]
A new ballistic software for reloaders is in the pipe

A new ballistic software for reloaders is in the pipe

My Youtube buddy Gordon who owns the channel "Gordons Reloading Channel" is a German reloader who loves reloading and filming, but the best is that he develops software as well. At this time he works at a ballistic calculator similar to "Quickload" which is the standard for reloaders. I think we should support this project and therefore I made a video where I tell you what he needs most.

T-Track system for the reloading workbench

If your space is limited and you would like to use more reloading tools than the T-Track system gives you the flexibility to do so. You can swap out different tools and put them in a position you need them without permanent changes at your workbench. In my latest video I show you the T-Track […]