Primer Pocket Conditioner

Primer Pocket Conditioner


Resize the primer pocket on used shotshells, or on “Euro hulls” such as Fiocchi, Cheddite, and Rio

  • • Works with 8 Gauge – 32 Gauge
  • • Now works with .410
  • • Black oxide finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • • Made in USA
  • • Free Shipping

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Size the primer pocket on new or used shotshells to work with standard 209 primers.

Primer pockets may expand after a few firings causing new primers to not seat tightly. This may result in primers backing out as the wad is compressed or the shell is crimped. The primer may even just fall out.

New hulls, such as Fiocchi, Cheddite, and Rio may also come with primer pockets that are too loose for standard 209 primers.

This tool can be used to resize the hull’s primer pocket. Place the anvil on a hard, flat surface, put the unprimed hull onto the anvil, insert the rod through the hull and through the primer hole, and give the rod a couple taps with a hammer or rubber mallet. This will resize the pocket back to proper size.

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