Roller Handle for Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP)

Roller Handle for Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP)


Ergonomic roller handle upgrade for the Lee Precision Automatic Processing Press (APP), Model 90933

  • • Includes: red handle with roller bearings, bolt, washers, nylock nut
  • • Two handle styles available: with or without finger grooves
  • • Free shipping


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This ergonomic roller handle enables you to upgrade the stock grip on your Lee Automatic Processing Press, or APP. Your order includes the 3D printed red plastic handle with two roller bearings, a bolt, washers, and a nylon-insert lock nut. Choose from two available handle styles: with finger grooves, or without finger grooves. The handle with the finger grooves was designed by our very own TinMan!

Installation: Enlarge the mounting hole in your press handle arm to 5/16″ or larger to accommodate the included M8 bolt. To ensure free rotation, tighten the nylock nut, and then loosen slightly until the handle rotates freely.

Note: Press not included. No drill bits or other installation tools are included.

This product is not designed, offered, or endorsed by Lee Precision.

3D printed from PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) in USA.

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With Finger Grooves, No Finger Grooves