Seating Clips and Jig Combo for Svarog “Special” Wads


Seating Clips and Jig Combo for Svarog “Special” Wads

From: $19.98

Clips designed specifically to keep the Svarog “Special” wads from distorting while being mated with the slug.

  • • For use with the “Special” wads and the Italian and Paradox slugs.
  • • Keeps the compression zone of the wad from being damaged or distorted while the slug is being seated.
  • • The jig ensures that the slug, wad, and seating clips stay in alignment during the seating process.
  • • Made in USA
  • • See videos linked below.
  • • Free Shipping


Seating Clips for Svarog "Special" Wads

$14.99 each

In stock

Wad Seating Jig for Svarog “Special” Wads

$4.99 each


These special clips designed by Nick Ross for use with the Svarog “Special” wad prevent wad distortion during the seating of the Italian and Paradox slugs.  Damage or distortion to the compression zone of the wad adversely affects accuracy.

The jig enables the full seating and proper joining of the wads with the slugs.

View these clips in use in these three videos from FortuneCookie45LC. Video #2 shows the use of the jig:

Video #1 – Nick Ross Solution To Russian Wad Seating Distortion

Video #2 – New Slug Jig For The Russian Paradox And Hydrant Slugs

Video #3 – Nick’s Wad Seating Clips Available For The Russian Slugs

*Note: There are no wads and no wad seating tool included with this combo; the wads and the seating tool must be ordered separately.

Jig 3D printed from PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) in USA.


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