Svarog Shotgun Match Slug Mold (16 Gauge)

Svarog Shotgun Match Slug Mold (16 Gauge)

Single cavity mold for casting the Svarog “Match” 16 gauge shotgun pellet slug.

  • • Material
    • • Mold:  Duralumin
    • • Sprue Plate:  Stainless Steel
    • • Hardwood Handles
  • • Gauge:  16
  • • Single Cavity
  • • Free Shipping


This product has been discontinued for the foreseeable future.


This is the single cavity mold for casting the Svarog “Match” 16 gauge shotgun slug.  This includes the handles and the bottom pin for forming the wad cavity.

Slug upper belt diameter: .614″ (subcaliber)

Description from Manufacturer:  “This mould produces a shape resembling a pellet for a pneumatic weapon. It has a flat head and a tapered “skirt” with an internal cavity. This shape projectile became known as a Diabolo because of its similar shape to the child’s toy of the same name. It gained popularity all over the world because of the unique flight characteristics. A tried and tested shape, and possibly the best sub-caliber slug shape, the match/diabolo type bullet that uses the characteristics known as the shuttle cock effect gives it great accuracy. It is ideal for target shooting, and practical shotgun and hunting of most medium and large game. The Match is a special purpose bullet witch is flat nosed, ideal for target shooting as it acts like a wad cutter. Having a flat nose, upon impact, the slug exhibits controlled yet devastating expansion imparting massive force to the struck target when used on game. It is used in a standard shotgun trap hull with standard wad; it is slightly sub caliber to allow for this. When moving along the bore, the plastic of the wad plays the role of “lubrication” and protection, reducing the energy loss of the slug to friction and barrel degradation due to slug contact, and retaining the initial velocity of the slug. It uses a conventional folded crimp or roll crimp. When fired, the skirt expands and improves the gas seal and centralisation of the slug in the barrel. Made from Duralumin a strong, hard, lightweight alloy of aluminium, widely used in aircraft construction.”

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