Svarog Shotgun "Special" Slug Wads

Svarog Shotgun “Special” Slug Wads


Special Plastic Compensator for Svarog “Italian” and “Paradox” slugs.

  • • Material:  Plastic
  • • Gauge:  12
  • • Quantity:  500
  • • Free Shipping
  • As of 2022 the wads are now made from red plastic and the dimensions are very slighly different

The COVID-19 Panic has caused delays in shipping. Items from Svarog have been on order for weeks, and are expected to arrive very soon. Unfortunately there is no specific expected delivery date.

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The “Special Plastic Compensator” wads for Svarog 12 gauge “Italian” and “Paradox” slugs when cast with the “Special” base pin.

These particular wads fit the slugs cast with the Svarog “Italian” and “Paradox” slug molds.  (The Paradox mold will only work with these wads when the slugs are cast with the optional “Special” base pin.)

Note:  orders from The Reloaders Network are fulfilled from the US; shipping will be a few days vs. a few weeks if ordered from Russia.

Note 2:  As of 2022 the wads have had a very slight design change. They are now made from red plastic, and the dimensions are very slighly different.

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