Svarog Shotgun Zveroboy-M Slug Mold (20 Gauge)

Svarog Shotgun Zveroboy-M Slug Mold (20 Gauge)

Single cavity mold for casting the Svarog “Zveroboy-M” 20 gauge expanding and fragmenting shotgun slug.

  • • Material
    • • Mold:  Duralumin
    • • Sprue Plate:  Stainless Steel
    • • Hardwood Handles
  • • Gauge:  20
  • • Single Cavity
  • • Free Shipping


This product has been discontinued for the foreseeable future.


This is the single cavity mold for casting the Svarog “Zveroboy-M” 20 gauge shotgun slug.  This includes the handles and the bottom pin for forming the wad cavity and segments.

Description from Manufacturer:  “This mould produces quality slugs that are designed for hunting, with three cylindrical belts that create a good barrel centralisation and gas seal that allows this to be used in a rifled or unrifled barrel. They are a truly effective, expansive, segmented slug that causes maximum internal destruction on impact and minimum over-penetration meaning impressive stopping power. After hitting your quarry, the slug breaks into multiple pieces providing a deep penetrating main body and 3 fragments that detach after contact and split from the main body (stopping anything). It can be loaded on a special wad or a standard shotgun trap hull or with standard wad and gas seal. Whichever is used is fitted to the slug and remains attached after firing to give impressive stability during flight. It is also possible to apply lubricant between the slug belts to reduce barrel slug friction, and even to powder coat them to get the perfect balance for your barrel.”

Slug Specifications:

  • • Driving Bands:  .629″
  • • Slug Body:  .519″
  • • Weight:  401 grains
  • • Designed to expand and segment

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