Turret head handle - Lyman All-American 8


Turret head handle for the Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8 Press.

  • • Handle may be positioned in any of 8 positions
  • • Slips on and off; easily repositioned or moved to another turret head
  • • Free Shipping
  • • Expected Date Available: Summer, 2020

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Location, location, location! The factory turret head operating handle supplied with the Brass Smith All-American 8 Press may be installed in two different locations. Those two locations may prove cumbersome at times depending on which of the eight stations you are working with. This durable, 3D printed handle slips over the turret head and enables you to choose from a total of eight different locations allowing you to place the handle exactly where you want it to be.

Note: Press not included. Turret head not included.

This product is not designed, offered, or endorsed by Lyman.

3D printed from PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) in USA.

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