New in the store – Hull Vises!

We now offer shotshell hull vises for sale! These vises are a very handy tool for clamping and holding shotshells for roll crimping and other reloading procedures.  (We don’t have roll crimpers for sale yet, but plan to in the future.) This hull vise, designed by Nick Ross, provides a solid, steady platform for roll […]
How Many Times Can You Load Kent Hulls? – STEEL EDITION!

How Many Times Can You Load Kent Hulls? – STEEL EDITION!

In our continuing saga to see just which hulls offer the best value to cost ratio we evaluate Kent Velocity Precision Steel with their "Photodegradable wad". This is what I like to call a "boutique" load, with a price to match. That is of course unless you find them on sale! Will they meet our price to reload threshold? Find out.
Savage 220

TarHunt’s Savage 220 Barrel Upgrade

As a slug shooting enthusiast, I am in the constant pursuit of perfection. Nothing spells slug gun perfection like Randy Fritz’s TarHunt custom slug guns. Leon GuthrieLeon is a 10 year Marine vet, husband, father, and passionate bow hunter that loves chunking large bricks of lead at game and targets.

My First Guns

Showing off 3 of my first guns. Going all the way back to 1994. I want to see your first guns. If you don't have them, tell us about them. It will be fun. Also find some pictures if you have them.