Dipping My Toes In Satterlee – Second Try

After a failed start with 6 data points and chrono errors I went back to the bench and ended with 10 data points, and still chrono errors, but have enough data to extrapolate a roadmap going forward. The Range SquirrelI owned a Marlin 60 since 1987, but never really got ‘into’ guns until 2011 when […]

Testing CFE223 Temperature Sensitivity

Today I attempt to test CFE 223 temperature sensitivity. This video is to show that if you live in a area with large seasonal temperature swings(130 degrees between videos) you should not do load development in the winter. You can make seasonal ammunition, or use a temperature stable powder. John FazerLiving life in the Alaskan […]

223 Rem; Ramshot TAC and Hornady 68g BTHP Match

Looks like it’s time for another post.  Today’s topic is the Hornady 68g BTHP Match Bullet loaded with Ramshot TAC.  This powder has been on my radar for some time, but I have never seen it locally.  Recently I ordered a rather large powder order (12lbs) from Graf’s and made sure to include it.  My […]

SWFA SS 16×42 30mm Rifle Scope

This is a quick look at my new (to me) rifle scope I received today.  One of the problems that I have run into lately is more rifles than scopes.  I am constantly swapping scopes and moving them rifle to rifle.  As most of you know I am a huge fan of Sightron scopes and […]