308 AR-10 Progress Update

308 AR-10 Progress Update

It's been a tough year trying to get my 308 AR-10 upper shooting the way I wanted. I think I'm finally there, so it's time to update you all on the situation. A Krieger barrel seems to have cured what ailed me. It's been a very expensive and frustrating journey, however.

308 bolt inspection

TC Compass 308 bolt inspection ocean374I have enjoyed the outdoors for many years. I am involved in a lot of outdoor activities, and a few years ago I added hunting to the list, which I really enjoy. At the same time I got into hunting I discovered reloading and casting and that was the best […]
308 Compass; 125g SST and Speer 168g

308 Compass; 125g SST and Speer 168g

Back out with the Compass today. I didn't have the best luck yesterday with it, so today I am trying something different. I have 12 rounds of Hornady 125g SST's loaded up with Varget and a few Speer 168g's that shot decent yesterday to re-shoot. After today, I have decided that the Compass is fine, it just doesn't like the Speer rounds.