Range day with the TC Encore

I took the new 357 Remington Maximum Encore to range today with mixed results. I shot H110 powder under.. 180 XTPs at 2.060″ reached 2128 fps 180 HCFPs at 2.245″ reached 2103 fps 200 FTXs at 2.35″ reached 2056 fps The charge weight for the XTPs was 22-23gr, for the HCFPs it was 23-24 gr, […]
357 Maximum And The TC Encore

357 Maximum And The TC Encore

The question can be asked that if we don’t require the extra power of the 357 Maximum over the 357 Magnum for silhouette competition or big game hunting, why would we want the Maximum. Answer – it’s all about the access to power…!! FortuneCookie45LCFortuneCookie45LC started posting videos on YouTube in 2012.  He has been a […]