Rossi Rio Grande, Marlin 336 & Andy’s Zinc

Rossi Rio Grande, Marlin 336 & Andy’s Zinc

In this video we look at 3 similar lever action rifles, as well as some zinc cast bullets from Andy 79Z28. I hope you find it informative, and I hope you’ll go over and check out what all Andy’s doing with zinc. Thanks for watching, and God bless you all. JH586My name is Jamie, and […]

45-70 Range Trip with New Powder

TC Encore SSK 45-70 with IMR-3031   Well guys, I took the Encore out for a spin, and on the recommendation of Rebel and Georgiaboy44 I got a couple pounds of IMR3031 to try. QuickLOAD predicted no pressure concerns for an Encore that theoretically could be rechambered to 458WinMag, so I did a ladder from 49.3 […]

TC Encore .45-70 Gov’t First Range Trip

This is the first trip with my new Encore. It is a New Hampshire TC before S&W bought them. It has a Bellm #3 trigger spring kit which typically results in a 2 1/2-3 lbs trigger pull. Bellm triple lock hammer extension, Bellm #1 oversized hung pin, Revolution Laminate Birch 12 Guage stock Set, SSK […]