Baking #9 M&M Cookies

Baking #9 M&M Cookies

Baking #9 M&M Cookies using the Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro. 243 OutdoorsMy name is Josh and I love Firearms and Freedom.  I started 243 Outdoors as a YouTube Channel back in 2015 and have branched out to other media sites.

Sig320 First Shots with 31 Year Old Ammo

We have all seen this question before. How Long can you keep your ammo? Sig320 Compact with Wilson Extended Slide Stop and Sig Flat Trigger being shot for the very first time. With 147gr hardball ammo from 1990, yes correct from 1990. If you maintain the ammo appropriately to manufacturer spec it can sit on […]
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Swaged 124-gr. Load for 45 ACP

This video documents my recent experiment with swaging 124-grain 9mm bullets up to .45 caliber so I could produce an unusually light-for-caliber .45 ACP load. The results were enigmatic: accuracy was reasonably good, in spite of the fact that almost all the bullets were keyholing. TheIdahoanShowIdaho was one of the last continental US states to […]
WWII Pistols: Qualification Course Of Fire

WWII Pistols: Qualification Course Of Fire

This episode 1 was an attempt to fire the traditional WW2 1911 Pistol Qualification Test. There were actually multiple courses of fire from horseback and on foot; let’s just say there will be no horses in this video. From a few field manuals, conversations with more knowledgeable people than I on the topic, and a […]
First time casting

First time casting

My first good bullet casting session. Used a Lee TL356-124-2r 9mm and a Lee TL452-230-2r bullet mold. Once I got use to it, it was very fun. Jesse B OutdoorsGuns, Gear, Knives, and Outdoors. These are some of my favorite things besides my family.