224 Valkyrie – Choosing some Long Range Loads

In this video I discuss the loads that I am choosing for taking the 224 Valkyrie out to longer ranges.  I have been doing load development at 100 yards and I have found some consistent, repeatable loads that are grouping for me, and giving me the ballistics that I am looking for.  I will go through these loads, and show some targets that I have shot with them.

SHOT Show – Day 3

Day three of SHOT Show has now concluded.  Today was another full day of wandering around trying to take it all in.  I had already seen just about every booth, so today was more concentrated on going back to see certain items in depth. I started the day by meeting up with Curt and Lacey […]

150GRN 9MM Test loads

Shooting the 9mm 150 grain test loads OAL of 1.131″ with 3.5 grains Unique Needs a little more work but real close for sure ran well and no issues ThecrazyScotsmanI am a collector of Smith & Wesson Revolvers, in particular the Model 29 .44 Magnum and the Model 19 .357 Magnum. There is nothing like […]
Reloading manuals

Reloading manuals

These books are your most important item you could have on hand; other than old fashion Common sense. You will need both however !! fuzztfork8Began reloading in 1976; casting in 1977 when good lead wheel weights were everywhere..There is something about making your own and being self-sufficient, that intrigued me.
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Skeeter Load for Snubbies

The "Skeeter Load", which is a 250 grain cast SWC loaded in a .44 Special case with 7.5 grains of Unique powder, is one of my favorite loads.  This load, named for Skeeter Skelton, shoots from my 6 1/2" S&W Model 29 at about 950 fps.  I want to duplicate this velocity when shooting the same bullet from my S&W Model 629 TALO Deluxe, which has a 3" barrel.