Cutting Cork Wad with Lee APP

Cutting Cork Wad with Lee APP

I used cork from eBay, sizes are 1/4” and 1/8” sheets ocean374I have enjoyed the outdoors for many years. I am involved in a lot of outdoor activities, and a few years ago I added hunting to the list, which I really enjoy. At the same time I got into hunting I discovered reloading and […]
Merry Christmas with the Lee APP Press and Longfellow

Merry Christmas with the Lee APP Press and Longfellow

Merry Christmas and God Bless You. KFWI enjoy all things outdoors and gun related. I am a life long hunter and staunch supporter of self defense and the right to keep and bear arms. I am a Concealed Carry Instructor in the state of Kentucky and enjoy helping people exercise their Second Amendment Rights. I […]

RAD Development, load development app.

Hey Guys! Just released an app that might be helpful for you. 5 different load development charts plus 65+ different data points to track load progress with. (Link to app in Apple App Store: ) We are also releasing the Android version hopefully within a few weeks here, but here’s the rundown: Finally, offering […]

Now Selling Roller Handles for the Lee APP

We are now offering roller handles for the Lee Automatic Processing Press, or APP! These ergonomic roller handles enable you to upgrade the stock grip on your Lee APP. There are two available handle styles: one with finger grooves, and one without the finger grooves. The handle with the finger grooves is a design by […]