308 on a Budget pt1 Brass Cleaning

This is the first episode of our 308 Series. Geared to the new reloader, or those thinking about getting into reloading, this video discusses cleaning brass only. For you guys who have been reloading a long time, I apologize for the redundancy. Thanks for watching, and may God bless you all. JH586My name is Jamie, […]

Inexpensive Brass Cleaning Short Version

This video shows how I hand tumble and clean brass cases for reloading. I use lemon juice, dawn soap and hot water. It is easy, inexpensive and it works well. I made a video years ago showing the same process, but that video was very long and drawn out and also had loud music that […]
Inexpensive Brass Cleaning

Inexpensive Brass Cleaning

Cleaning Brass Cases by hand with homemade cleaning solution. Dawn soap, lemon juice and hot water, clean brass safely and effectively. This is my process for cleaning brass cases prior to re-using them and reloading them. My hope is this video helps people understand how to use this method or their own similar method to […]
Inexpensive Brass Case Cleaning 1

Inexpensive Brass Case Cleaning

Today I want to share how I clean my brass cartridge cases, inexpensively and thoroughly, without the use of mechanical devices or expensive equipment. I want to say up front, I see the benefit of ultrasonic cleaners and brass tumblers that have special solutions or stainless steel pin tumbling media. I am not trying to […]