Modified Paradox Pin

Modifying Svarog Paradox Core Pins for Bacon and MIC

I got started reloading so that I could shoot my Saiga 12 more. The main thing I wanted was cheap, good slugs. Since then I’ve cast many thousand Lee slugs, and loaded a few of the Lyman Diabolo. These were always a compromise, since they are not bore riders. They are good, and I don’t […]


What happens when you shoot buckshot through a rifled choke tube? Buffalo's OutdoorsIf you enjoy shooting firearms, this is the author for you! Especially if you like recreational shooting and reviews from a little different perspective. Buffalo loved watching YouTube videos about firearms he was interested in, but felt like a lot of the channels […]

Not Your Grand Daddy’s Buckshot

Long before $20/box sabot slugs, capable of accurately hitting big game out to 200 yards, graced the shelves of your local sporting goods store and before Karl Foster invented the rifled slug, our grandfathers took to the woods with a single shot 12 gauge, a pocket full of buckshot shells, and hopes of bringing home […]
Buckshot Trick Thumb 2

A Better Way to Reload Buckshot: Counting and filling

  This is the first chapter in the buckshot reloading series, and you can read the introduction here:  An introduction to Reloading Buckshot In that introduction, we identified that one of the primary reasons people generally don’t reload buckshot is as follows>   The problem: It takes a lot of time to accurately count out […]

An introduction to Reloading Buckshot

  Reloading buckshot is not a very popular practice for a few reasons. People aren’t in the habit of shooting buckshot because it is expensive. Also most commercial buckshot is poorly made, and leads to low expectation for what it can do. Most methods and recipes in books for reloading buckshot require fiddly and scarce […]

Loading #0 Buckshot on the MEC 600 Jr

Loading #0 Buckshot on the MEC 600 Jr Buckshot is one of the most versatile shotgun rounds you’re likely to find.  With hunting, self-defense and tactical applications, there’s very little you can’t do with it, but good grief is it ever expensive!  With prices as high as $2/round or more for the premium stuff, and […]

Sharpshooter USA Buckshot Moulds

Sharpshooter USA Buckshot Moulds Casting your own buckshot is one of the simplest and most economical ways to save money as a reloader, particularly if you’re a big shotgun fan.  That being the case, why don’t more people do it? There are a number of reasons, but the biggest factor is probably that there just […]
Summoning The Inner Redneck!

Summoning The Inner Redneck!

Alright guys, today I’m summoning the inner redneck in my video.  For the longest time, I’ve wanted to shoot a car or vehicle.  Nothing illegal, nothing violent, etc…  I’ve just wanted to legally be able to shoot a car/vehicle and see what different cartridges and rounds do.  Opportunities to do so have almost come to […]