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Hang Your Calipers

Between bullet casting, reloading, 3D printing, and other various tasks and projects around the shop, I often find myself reaching for a set of calipers. I must admit that I do not always return them to their original cases. Quite often they get set down on the nearest horizontal surface, and the next time I […]
General Tools Co #147 Caliper first review

General Tools Co #147 Caliper first review

After babying my old Lyman dial caliper, I decided to get a new set of digital calipers. While looking for things for the house on Home Depot's website, I came across a set of 6" digitals that seemed promising. Stainless steel rule, 3 measurement modes, nice hard case AND a cast metal body instead of the normal plastic. All for $30 with free shipping to my local store for pickup. The General Tools #147 is a caliper worth checking out. On a side note, did you know Home Depot sold hunting supplies? I also purchased 2 nylon hip holsters from Allen Mfg for less than $15 combined.