Testing CFE223 Temperature Sensitivity

Today I attempt to test CFE 223 temperature sensitivity. This video is to show that if you live in a area with large seasonal temperature swings(130 degrees between videos) you should not do load development in the winter. You can make seasonal ammunition, or use a temperature stable powder. John FazerLiving life in the Alaskan […]
308 Compass; 125g SST and Speer 168g

308 Compass; 125g SST and Speer 168g

Back out with the Compass today. I didn't have the best luck yesterday with it, so today I am trying something different. I have 12 rounds of Hornady 125g SST's loaded up with Varget and a few Speer 168g's that shot decent yesterday to re-shoot. After today, I have decided that the Compass is fine, it just doesn't like the Speer rounds.
223 55g Cast CFE223

223 55g Cast CFE223

Bringing out the AR-15 and the Savage Axis bolt rifle today. These are the first loads with CFE223. This was a highly recommended powder for me to try. I have decided to shoot these at 50 yards today, so the goal is 1/2 groups. These are sized to .224 and have no gas check.