LEE Collet Crimp Die in 44 Magnum

LEE Collet Crimp Die in 44 Magnum

Trying out the Lee Collet Crimp die for the 44 Magnum. This die incorporates a collet to apply a rifle type crimp to the case. Thanks for Watching. KFWI enjoy all things outdoors and gun related. I am a life long hunter and staunch supporter of self defense and the right to keep and bear […]

Exploring the 350 Legend

This video is an account of my experiences with the .350 Legend cartridge, from first picking up a Stoner upper chambered for it to the point of finally getting handloads to run reliably, which proved to be a more difficult undertaking than I expected. That said, I still think this cartridge has a lot of […]

12 Gauge Shotshell Resizing Die

12 Gauge Shotshell Resizing Die About a month ago I teased some of the new tools I started working on late last year, including a die and accessories for reloading 12 gauge shotshells on a conventional metallic cartridge press. In scenarios where you’re using your own powder measure, trickler, specialty components and roll crimper to […]