JugBustin 45 Colt SAA

JugBustin 45 Colt SAA

Using the Lyman 452423 Keith Hollow Point, 234 grains, 8BHN with 8.6 grains of Unique inside a Starline case primed with a CCI-LPP. This’ll get’er done boys! It exited the jug at 440FPS and came close to a 1 inch mushroom. CharlieBrassStufferBorn in 1950…HS grad, some college, no degrees, served in the US Marine Corps, […]
Tacopocalypse VR

Casting (open fire), Pan Lubing (bacon grease), Reloading (.44 Magnum), and Range Time – my Tacopocalypse VR

This video is a VR to the Tacopocalypse challenge issued by Full.Lead.Taco. His YouTube channel recently crossed over the 2,000 subscriber mark and that prompted him to do a giveaway. Taco is one of the nicest and most generous guys you'll ever talk to, and he has some of the best prize options of any giveaway I've ever seen. This video features bullet casting over an open flame, making bullet lube from bacon grease, pan lubing, reloading, and range time with my .44 Magnum.
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Skeeter Load for Snubbies

The "Skeeter Load", which is a 250 grain cast SWC loaded in a .44 Special case with 7.5 grains of Unique powder, is one of my favorite loads.  This load, named for Skeeter Skelton, shoots from my 6 1/2" S&W Model 29 at about 950 fps.  I want to duplicate this velocity when shooting the same bullet from my S&W Model 629 TALO Deluxe, which has a 3" barrel.
Shooting 44 Special +P Ammo At The Range

Shooting 44 Special +P Ammo At The Range

Let’s work with the Lee 429 240 RN bullet in the 44 Special to get +P performance… 7.5 grains Herco – not for weak or old guns..!! https://www.patreon.com/3circles https://vimeo.com/fortunecookie45lc FortuneCookie45LCFortuneCookie45LC started posting videos on YouTube in 2012.  He has been a Reloader and Shooter since 1969.
WCChapin | 44 Special – Part 4 – Spring Break Treasures

WCChapin | 44 Special – Part 4 – Spring Break Treasures

While traveling, I like to stop and search for treasures in local gun shops. See the .44 Special finds from our Spring Break Road Trip stop in Pensacola, Florida. https://www.uberslockandgun.com William C ChapinI am Curtis from Jackson, Michigan. My firearms interests include shooting, reloading, casting, a bit of collecting, and occasional competitive shooting. SCADA Analyst […]