The Dillon Square Deal B.

The Dillon Square Deal B.

A short video of the Dillon Square Deal B. I used this press for many years loading mostly 44 Magnums. I have other conversions kits for it but the only other that was well used is the 38/357. Sold the press a couple months ago to a local Deputy Sheriff who loads 45 ACP. It’s […]
358 Yeti: Initial Testing w/ 158gr XTP & 220 gr Hot-Cor

358 Yeti: Initial Testing w/ 158gr XTP & 220 gr Hot-Cor

In this video I’m firing forming some Lake City Brass and performing initial ladder testing with Hornady 158 gr XTP’s and Speer 220 gr Hot-Cor’s. The 358 Yeti is a wildcat round designed by Mad Dog Weapons Systems. I built the rifle, and it’s my first AR build.  Powder: Shooter’s World Blackout. Fresh Formed Lake […]

Introduction & Other Incoherent Rambling

Dear Reloader’s Network, Hello, and welcome to my first attempt at an article ever. My name is Norton’s Ammo Bench, and I thought that the best way to get me feet wet in this new arena was for me to introduce myself and give you an idea of what I’m about. My future posts will be […]