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Wet Tumbling with guntap Brass Shine Powdered Detergent

Is wet tumbling with Brass Shine better than using a combination of Dawn and Lemi Shine? Loads of BaconLoads of Bacon enjoys bullet casting, reloading, hunting, and most other outdoors activities.  He began creating YouTube videos in 2017, and built The Reloaders Network in 2018.  You can find more information, links to all of his […]

Another Harbor Freight Tumbler Success

A few days ago I posted a couple pictures on Discord of the 4″ PVC extended drum wet tumbler I was putting together following Tree Top Flier’s recent updated video. One of the details he pointed out was the interrupters The Range SquirrelI owned a Marlin 60 since 1987, but never really got ‘into’ guns […]
Apache firearm cases from Harbor Freight

Apache firearm cases from Harbor Freight

I stumbled across a couple of videos from some people like Tactical Swede mentioning these cases so I decided to go and pick one up. I believe these are a great option for someone wanting to bring numerous firearms to the range that doesn’t want to carry separate cases for each firearm. The build quality […]
A power coating discussion

A power coating discussion

This video is about me discussing my methods and process. I go into my powder coating techniques and discuss a couple powders and methods. NYC ReloaderI am a computer systems engineer by trade. Reloader/caster by choice. During the day I manage a multinational computer company where I am the owner and CIO. I am also […]
Powder Coating and Sizing 9mm

Powder Coating and Sizing 9mm

In today's video, I am powder coating my recent cast 9mm rounds. I am using Harbor Freight Red powder. I am having trouble with the powder sticking to the bullets. After watching several videos from authors of The Reloaders Network, I'm still not getting the results I want. All the rounds are usable, but they just don't look the best. Some have thin and thick spots, and some have bare spots. Factors such as weather, humidity, and types of plastic containers could be affecting my results. All the rounds were sized to .356 using a NOE Sizing Die.