TC Encore Headspace How-To

One of the corrective actions you can take it to accurately measure and adjust your headspace to help in reliable ignition, accuracy and optimal brass life. Due to the break open design and the inherent flex in the action when fired with more flex in higher pressure rounds, you cannot merely take a rimless bottleneck cartridge or even rimmed bottleneck cartridge and measure it as you would a bolt action gun.
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The Headspace Site … is like a Forum?

I created the Headspace site ( several months ago as a place for our community to interact.  You will find a link to that site in the menu under the Community heading.  We have not done much advertising of the site yet, and you’ll likely see some more advertising soon, but I wanted to take […]
Discussing headspace and what it did for my rifle

Discussing headspace and what it did for my rifle

I am by no means an expert on rifle reloading. So when I found that my primers were backing out of the primer pocket, I scratched my head for quite a while until some tips from a few good friends here on TRN led me to investigate a headspace issue. I purchased the Hornady headspace […]