Lever Day!!!

Lever Day!!!

Testing bullets with the Henry Big Boy X .357 and the Glenfield 30-30. Good chronograph numbers with my wounded chrono. Jerry 19112A On A Budget

Non-Typical Saturday

Chicowize, Kyle Lusk, and myself finally get to meet ThecrazyScotsman face to face, in living color. Although the circumstances were very sad, we managed a little range time get together. It was an honor to meet the Scotsman, finally, and always a privilege and an honor to spend time with my two North Georgia brothers. CMax, go rest easy, Brother. And we'll see you in a little while! Please keep Cmax's family and friends in your prayers. May God bless you all!

This Old Gun

The Story of Me and My Henry Rifle THE DUKE……not too many nicknames garner as much of a mental image as John Wayne’s. In my mind, Wayne was the walking, talking embodiment of the American Man. The swagger, the confidence, the fairness, and the rowdiness he portrayed on screen was almost patentable. So much of […]