Conversation with a Pig Hunter – Hunting with Stu

Conversation with a Pig Hunter – Hunting with Stu

Episode 1 of “Conversations with” a pig shooter We have @Hunting with Stu join us to talk about shooting pigs in outback Australia from; walking, quad biking, kayaking and under torch in a pit! Conversation topics include: The 30-06 4:14 Sighting in a rifle 6:39 Shooting techniques 7:06 The 30-30 11:35 The Adler 13:30 Straight […]
Cast Tray

Our Stewardship

Today I would like to make us all think about a few things that are important to me. In life, we don’t really get to “keep” anything. We are here for a while and then we are gone. If we don’t intentionally invest time and effort into passing along the things we know and believe […]
Hunting with a 71 Winchester in 348 caliber

Hunting with a 71 Winchester in 348 caliber

Deer hunting in Alabama with a 71 Winchester 348 caliber using a Speer 180 grain .358 resized down to 348. Leverguns 50Most of our videos are about lever action rifles and other cowboy guns, including carbine and shotguns, sixguns, black powder, hunting, outdoors, and primitive skills.

Hornady Interlock Bullets For Hunting

In this video I will show you my handloads for hunting in 308 Winchester. For my handloads I use Hornady 150gr BTSP Interlock bullets and Vihtavouri N140. This handload shoot pretty good groups at 100m. My rifle is a Tikka T3 Varmint in 308 Win. WiederladerTv

Off Grid Water

Well Folks, This had been a project that’s taken me all summer to get somewhere with.   I was planning to go about this a different way, but Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. On our property there’s a river that winds through the corner, and IN the river, ON the property, is a “artesian spring”. I’m no […]

Late April Coyote Hunt

I made this video in late April and have had it unlisted since then.  I could never make up my mind whether to post it or not.  So I will put it up here for you guys on The Reloaders Network.