35 Remington Load 6

In this video we load and test load 6 of our .35 Remington Load Series. The powder for this test is IMR 4895. Thanks to Kyle Lusk for the powder used in this episode! I think this is the best load so far. Please pray for Ed USAF’s family at his passing, and for Willie Bulletman for his recovery after his surgery. We all have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for watching and may God Bless you all.
35 Remington Series

35 Remington Load 2

Hey Guys, Here is the second load in our 35 Remington Load Series. Kyle Lusk shows up again. I think he’s getting tired of leading me around and keeping me out of trouble. I sure do appreciate him being there, though. This video is a little different, in that it covers the load details, the […]
35 Rem Load 1

35 Rem Load 1

Hello everyone, I’m in the process of loading all my YouTube videos here to our website, and to We had a YouTube live stream last night, and I had trouble getting on live. I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong, but I suspect it was the powers-that-be at the other, big site. […]
.243 Win; 87g V-Max and IMR4831

.243 Win; 87g V-Max and IMR4831

So in today’s video, I am trying out the Hornady 87g V-Max bullets and IMR 4831 in the 243.  I have had some amazing results with the Sierra 95g TMK and this powder, so I thought I would try it with the 87’s.  Generally I load the 87’s with Reloder 19.  Using the Savage Model […]