7.62 X 54R Cast Bullet Load Development Part 2

Part 2 of my load development series for the Russian M44 scout rifle. Showing the components I will be using and a discussion on developing safe hand loads and using reputable sources of data. John's Hand LoadingJohn has been shooting since he was a kid and is now a middle aged man. He likes shooting […]

Dipping My Toes In Satterlee – Second Try

After a failed start with 6 data points and chrono errors I went back to the bench and ended with 10 data points, and still chrono errors, but have enough data to extrapolate a roadmap going forward. The Range SquirrelI owned a Marlin 60 since 1987, but never really got ‘into’ guns until 2011 when […]

Dipping My Toes In Satterlee

This post doesn’t have a conclusion, at least not yet. I just want to share some experimenting with Satterlee load development. With that out of the way, my current recipe for 223 is a 62gr load I put together a couple years ago when I was starting out using the tried and true ladder load […]
30-30 I, MCK!!

30-30 I, MCK!!

My first 30-30 video features cast bullets sent to me by MCK. I hope y’all enjoy it, and thanks for watching. I hope God blesses you all real good!
30-30 Kick-Off Mail Call

30-30 Kick-Off Mail Call

This video will hopefully get some guys working on some 30-30 Winchester rounds. I'll be developing some, and hope you all will join in. The main objective is to get those old rifles out, dust them off, and start loading for and shooting them. So, I hope to be seeing lots of 30-30 videos. Join in when you can, and let's have some fun!

223 Remington | Hornady 62gr FMJ | IMR 8208 XBR

This is the third video installment on my quest for an accurate plinking load for my AR15 using the budget 62gr FMJ bullets from Hornady. I was not able to find any concrete load data for a 16″ barrel using this bullet weight and powder combination. I had to use data from a 60gr bullet, […]

223 Remington | Hornady 62gr FMJ | H335 Revisited

In this video I revisited some load development using H335 and a 62gr Hornady FMJ bullet. The load data I had originally used to determine my charge weights gave me very low velocities. I discovered that the data I had gathered was from sources that had used 24 and 26 inch barrels to test their […]
Tikka t1x

I Bought a Tikka T1x 22LR!

This is my first rimfire rifle and I’m extremely excited to have the latest offering from Tikka. This is the T1x and it has some really cool features. It does come with a premium level cost comparable to CZ 455 level of rifles. I bought this as a trainer for my big Tikka T3x and it does not disappoint. Tons of fun and I will definitely be getting into some 22LR ELR shots in future videos! I try a few brands of ammo and check group size as well as run some rounds at the dueling tree target with the wife!