Everglades 223 62gr Version 2 Load Development – A Dilemma

At my last posting I had put together some ladder loads for BLC(2), CFE223 and Varget powders for the 223 62gr Everglades FMJs. With the hot weather behind me I set in cranking out rounds until I was out of powder. No problem, I'll just stop by the new Academy and pickup a pound of Varget which had produced my most accurate load to date. Except Academy did not have Varget, they didn't have an empty bin location for Varget either. Let the mental gymnastics begin. Let's see, what else is popular for 223 that I haven't experimented with?

35 Remington Load 7

In this video, we load, test, and look at the results of 35 Remington loaded with IMR-3031. We test 5, 5 shot groups ranging in half grain increments from 34.5 to 36.5 grains. I was expecting better groups from this powder, but some days after a range trip, you just don’t feel like you shot […]
Let’s Load Some 308

Let’s Load Some 308

Loading up the first test loads for the T/C Compass. Using Speer 168g Target Match rounds in Starline Brass and Varget. Hunting Season will end this weekend, then I can get back out to the range. Thanks to Starline for providing the Brass for the Compass. Check out The Reloaders Network Check out the […]
Taurus cover

Taurus 689 .38 Special / .357 Load Development Series

I would be honored if you would take a step back with me to the first videos I posted on YouTube. I am starting off with the Taurus 689 Load Development series. There are 5 videos in this series spanning quite an array of folly, misfortune, and lamentation. In this Part 1 Introduction, we discuss the parameters of this project, as well as give a little backstory of the firearm itself. We then go in-depth about choosing the components for initial testing. I hope you enjoy!