35 Rem Load X SW Buffalo Rifle

35 Rem Load X SW Buffalo Rifle

In this video I take a look at the results of our tenth test load in 35 Remington. I made this especially for Lever Action Gypsy, who has sent me some 35 caliber bullets we’ll be loading and testing later. This is a very economical load using Shooters World Buffalo Rifle and our Lee C358-200-RF […]

35 Remington Load 9

Load 9 features Hodgdon Hornady LeveRevelution. This powder produces excellent factory rounds, but how will it perform with our cast bullets? Watch to find out. Thanks for your time watching this video. I pray God blesses you all real good.
Testing out Cranky’s bullets

Testing out Cranky’s bullets

Got a package from Cranky of some beautiful cast bullets. After staring in wonder I did what any reloader would do. I loaded them up and to the range I went. My testing platform was a Ruger P89. Mike TreenCasting, loading and powder coating in the great NW of Pa!!! I occasionally get to shoot […]

150GRN 9MM Test loads

Shooting the 9mm 150 grain test loads OAL of 1.131″ with 3.5 grains Unique Needs a little more work but real close for sure ran well and no issues ThecrazyScotsmanI am a collector of Smith & Wesson Revolvers, in particular the Model 29 .44 Magnum and the Model 19 .357 Magnum. There is nothing like […]

35 Remington Load 6

In this video we load and test load 6 of our .35 Remington Load Series. The powder for this test is IMR 4895. Thanks to Kyle Lusk for the powder used in this episode! I think this is the best load so far. Please pray for Ed USAF’s family at his passing, and for Willie Bulletman for his recovery after his surgery. We all have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for watching and may God Bless you all.