Lubing The Mold

Lubing The Mold

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A Bullet Casting Journey

I spent the better part of several months conducting a series of experiments aimed at improving the quality of my home-cast lead bullets and identifying which parameters of bullet casting actually have the greatest impact on bullet performance. I wrote up the results of my experimentation in the following document: A Bullet Casting Journey .pdf […]

Pan-Lubing Cast Bullets

Sooner or later, every bullet caster needs to decide how they plan to lubricate their bullets before loading.  Lubrisizing with a high-end unit from Star, RCBS or Lyman is fast, but expensive.  Powder coating works well, but takes a lot of time and energy.  Tumble-lubing with a product like Lee's Liquid Alox is simple, but makes a big mess.  Sometimes the old ways still have a place in the modern caster's arsenal, and for many of us, that makes pan-lubing a great option.