MEC Marksman Press, 2 Year Review!

MEC Marksman Press, 2 Year Review!

We are reviewing the MEC Marksman Press after 2 Years! This is still an Excellent Press and I continue to recommend it to anyone who asks what press to buy. This press has thousands of rounds on it now and it’s holding up like a champ! Anyone who invests in a reloading press should surely […]
Loading #4 Bismuth Shot in 16 Gauge

Loading #4 Bismuth Shot in 16 Gauge

In this video we are going to see just how easy it is to load bismuth shot. Bismuth is soft like lead, yet non toxic and environmentally friendly. You can use lead shot wads to load bismuth; since it is a soft shot it is barrel friendly especially for older classic firearms.

MEC 600 Slugger

Here is my first short video about the MEC 600 Slugger I bought month ago. The video is more a “first view”. I will make another video showing the reloading process with the MEC 600 Slugger in detail asap. With the MEC 600 Slugger you can reload shotgun slugs with an roll crimp like factory […]

Reloading Birdshot Shells on a MEC 600 Jr

Birdshot may be among the cheapest shotgun ammunition, but it still adds up-- particularly if you use less popular gauges like 16G, 28G or 410.  Setting aside the obvious financial benefits, reloading your own shells also gives you the ability to produce a shell that's right for you; whether that's a low-recoil round to spare yourself an aching shoulder, or high-velocity ammunition for long distance shots.

MEC 9000GN progressive press review

I made a few adjustment and loaded my last box of 25 and no problems at all. This press is well built. It will take a little time to get used to. The powder bottle has a minimum line you need to stick to because the powder charge starts to lessen, so I did half […]

Loading #0 Buckshot on the MEC 600 Jr

Loading #0 Buckshot on the MEC 600 Jr Buckshot is one of the most versatile shotgun rounds you’re likely to find.  With hunting, self-defense and tactical applications, there’s very little you can’t do with it, but good grief is it ever expensive!  With prices as high as $2/round or more for the premium stuff, and […]

Reloading Slugs on the MEC 600 Slugger

Reloading Slugs on the MEC 600 Slugger Traditionally-speaking, shotshell reloading presses have been designed and built primarily to meet the needs of clay-shooters and wildfowl hunters, and that’s certainly reflected in the marketplace today.  While virtually every major reloading manufacturer offers one or more shotshell presses, MEC is the first to produce one specifically for […]

Resizing Shotshell Hulls with a MEC Super-Sizer

Resizing Shotshell Hulls with a MEC Super-Sizer Spend any kind of time reloading high-brass shotgun shells using a ring-style resizing die, and you’re bound to stumble upon the all-too-common, and much-lamented issue of binding.  Binding hulls can quickly bring an otherwise productive reloading session to a screeching halt, as the reloader is now forced to […]