Massive Unboxing

Massive Unboxing

Thanks to The Texas Outlaw Michael Saenz, Charles Irby, Jesse B Outdoors, and Cranky Cleatus for these great packages. I'll add links to these guys below. Thanks for watching, and I hope God blesses you all real good!

Svarog Paradox Slug Mould

Svarog Paradox Slug Mould Late last year I wrote about the Russian ‘Zveroboy’ slug mould by Svarog.  As Winter tends to be my reloading season, I thought it might be interesting to review another one I’ve been working with a lot lately; the Paradox. Construction Like the other Svarog models I’ve seen, the Paradox is […]

Lee Precision 6-Cavity Bullet Mould

With the plethora of different mould manufacturers and styles available to the modern bullet caster, selecting the one that's right for you can be a little overwhelming.  When you're looking for pure production at an affordable price, you're going to find it hard to beat Lee Precision's 6-cavity commercial design.

Bullet Mould Materials

Bullet Mould Materials People have been casting their own bullets for literally hundreds of years.  While the idea of pouring molten lead into a mould hasn’t changed much over that time, the technology used to do it most certainly has.  In this article we’ll be taking a look at the three most commonly used mould […]

Sharpshooter USA Buckshot Moulds

Sharpshooter USA Buckshot Moulds Casting your own buckshot is one of the simplest and most economical ways to save money as a reloader, particularly if you’re a big shotgun fan.  That being the case, why don’t more people do it? There are a number of reasons, but the biggest factor is probably that there just […]

JT Bullet Moulds’ .670 Round Ball Mould

JT Bullet Moulds’ .670 Round Ball Mould Today I’d like to discuss a round ball mold I purchased from a small, independent manufacturer called JT Bullet Moulds.  The owner, Jeff Tanner, is located in England and produces these from solid brass.  What makes Jeff’s molds unique though, is that they’re essentially made to order in […]