We Shoot! – 9mm Luger Shell Shock Steel Cases

We Shoot! – 9mm Luger Shell Shock Steel Cases

This could well be the dream that all handloading shooters dream of, cases that you buy once and can load for the rest of your shooting career. Shell Shock Casings by Shell Shock Technologies, LLC. manufactures what could change how you shoot. Are they worth the hype? Do they live up to the expectations? Join […]
S3 Reload Dies

S3 RELOAD Sizing and Flaring Dies for Shell Shock Cases

These are the sizing and flaring dies manufactured by S3 RELOAD for use with the Shell Shock NAS3 9mm cases. The Shell Shock case have a two-piece construction that require special sizing and flaring dies. The dies can also be used when reloading conventional brass 9mm cases. The dies feature a unique spring-loaded mechanism to push cases out of the die instead of pulling the cases out using the rim/ejector groove.