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How To Teach A Little Boy To Shoot

Teaching a young person to shoot is something everyone familiar with firearms gets involved in eventually and it’s a great experience if done right. But, if it’s the first time, how best to go about it? Your approach may determine whether or not shooting becomes a rewarding, safe activity for that small person. So we […]
Idaho Rossi, Chase & Landon Range Time

Idaho Rossi, Chase & Landon Range Time

Range trip with the Rossi 92 I traded with Idaho Rogers USMC. I also met two young shooters and try to introduce them to the art of hand loading. Thanks for watching and may God bless you all! JH586My name is Jamie, and I’m Lisa’s husband, Jay and Amanda’s dad, and Rigby’s PawPaw. I’m relatively […]
A Range And Dinner Get Together With New Shooters

A Range And Dinner Get Together With New Shooters

Bringing new shooters to the range entails responsibility to see to it that the new shooters have a safe and rewarding experience. And as long as safety is key, the fun and challenging aspects of shooting are realized by the new shooters without fail. FortuneCookie45LCFortuneCookie45LC started posting videos on YouTube in 2012.  He has been […]
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The Siren Song of the Shooting Range

In Mythology, the Sirens were beautiful creatures that would lull sailors into a trance with their music, enticing the ships to sail closer to shore. Once the sailors were fully engaged in listening, they would not realize how close they were to the rocks until it was too late, thus crashing the ship. The term […]