Modified Paradox Pin

Modifying Svarog Paradox Core Pins for Bacon and MIC

I got started reloading so that I could shoot my Saiga 12 more. The main thing I wanted was cheap, good slugs. Since then I’ve cast many thousand Lee slugs, and loaded a few of the Lyman Diabolo. These were always a compromise, since they are not bore riders. They are good, and I don’t […]

Svarog Paradox Slug Mould

Svarog Paradox Slug Mould Late last year I wrote about the Russian ‘Zveroboy’ slug mould by Svarog.  As Winter tends to be my reloading season, I thought it might be interesting to review another one I’ve been working with a lot lately; the Paradox. Construction Like the other Svarog models I’ve seen, the Paradox is […]