Peterson 308 Winchester SR Brass Review

Peterson 308 Winchester SR Brass Review

First of a series reviewing components that are currently available…or where at the time of the videos 🙁 First up is Peterson 308 Winchester Brass with Small Rifle Primer Pockets. Initial testing shows some high pressure signs using known loads…not max loads. More testing to be done with once fired brass. Hazzbro’s HideReloader, shooter, flintlock […]

Peterson Brass – Amazing performance for a fair price

In this video we test discuss Peterson Brass in 6.5 creedmoor. This is a newer Brass option to the 6.5 Creedmoor option and they have 3 different styles. I discuss my experience with it as well as show some groups as well as some of the SD and ES that I was able to attain with it. If you think you need to buy Lapua Brass you might want to give this a look. If you don't think you can afford premium Brass you might want to look at this as well.