Tour of Upgraded Reloading Bench

Where you store and use your reloading equipment can be just as important as how you use it.  A neat and tidy work area not only increases productivity, but eliminates a lot of the distractions that can lead to costly mistakes.  Recently I decided it was time to clean up my act, and build some proper shelving for my bench, which was becoming a real pigsty.  Fortunately, one of my best friends is a master handyman, so when I told him what I was preparing to do, he generously suggested I buy the materials, give him the designs I'd made-- and then just stay out of his way. If there's one thing life has taught me one painful lesson after another, it's that I have no business doing carpentry, so I was happy to comply.  As you'll see in the video, the end result of that self-realization was a complete set of expertly-built shelving that perfectly fit my needs.
Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer Kit!

Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer Kit!

An overview of my new reloading tool! I often overlook upgrading gear for reloading and spend more on components like bullets or powder. This is a very welcome addition to my lineup and should greatly speed up my priming process while lowering contamination risk of the primers themselves. This kit seems great and so far I’m impressed with the Frankford Arsenal hand primer platinum kit. She’ll holders included is a great touch and makes priming almost any cartridge you have easy right out of the box. The adjustable primer seating depth is a great feature and something I plan to utilize when operating the hand primer.

T-Track system for the reloading workbench

If your space is limited and you would like to use more reloading tools than the T-Track system gives you the flexibility to do so. You can swap out different tools and put them in a position you need them without permanent changes at your workbench. In my latest video I show you the T-Track […]
224 Valkyrie Full Brass Prep

224 Valkyrie Full Brass Prep

Here I take you through my full process for brass prep. Very similar to other rifle cartridges so if you’re familiar with Reloading you will be throwing powder and seating bullets in no time. I take some time to explain Reloading techniques and why I do each process and how it improves the final product. […]
224 Valkyrie Load Components

224 Valkyrie Load Components

Going over what I have to get started Reloading the 224 Valkyrie. Specific tools for the round and specific components like sleek 22 cal bullets. I cover details of making my own trimming gage. Experimental powders to try. A discussion about brass quality. My Upper is made in the U.S. it is a bolt-action AR-15 Upper […]

Inline Fabrication Reloading Press Ultramount Junior assembly and giveaway

Thank you for joining us here on The Reloaders Network. I'm sure glad you made it and good luck to those of you that came over to register for The Inline Fabrication T-Shirt giveaway. In this video we assemble the inline fabrication products we unboxed in the previous video. In addition we are doing a t-shirt/ hat giveaway from inline fabrication. If you are want to enter the giveaway comment on this video giving me your screen name and which item you would prefer and what size if applicable.