Making Heavy 160gr Subsonic 9mm Ammo (Casting, Reloading, & Shooting)

For today's video we do a little casting, powder coating, reloading, and finally shooting for some 160 gr heavy subsonic ammo.  For the casting portion, I utilize the NOE 358-155-TC-AS5 bullet mould which was designed with a longer tapered nose to allow long seating bullet--which in turn leaves plenty of space inside the 9mm case for powder. I shoot the ammo in a few different suppressed firearms including my 9mm AR15 and glock 19. A very quiet, but hard-hitting subsonic load which smacks the steel quite nicely.
New Reloading Room Tour

New Reloading Room Tour

A three-minute tour of my newly renovated reloading room. TATV CanadaTactical Advantage TV is focused on delivering short, to-the-point content on a host of subjects related to firearms, casting, reloading, optics and accessories.  In addition to theoretical discussion, I will be performing a number of practical demonstrations on processes and products, including my own designs.
Range – Bug Out, Portable DIY Reloading Kit.

Range – Bug Out, Portable DIY Reloading Kit.

In this video I share my DIY range – travel reloading kit. This is just my take but I thought my viewers may find it interesting and maybe find some takeaways. I use the Lee hand press but other presses may be used. TreeTopFlierI am retired USAF.  I reloaded some as a kid, mostly shotgun, […]
Cast Tray

Our Stewardship

Today I would like to make us all think about a few things that are important to me. In life, we don’t really get to “keep” anything. We are here for a while and then we are gone. If we don’t intentionally invest time and effort into passing along the things we know and believe […]

Introduction & Other Incoherent Rambling

Dear Reloader’s Network, Hello, and welcome to my first attempt at an article ever. My name is Norton’s Ammo Bench, and I thought that the best way to get me feet wet in this new arena was for me to introduce myself and give you an idea of what I’m about. My future posts will be […]
358 Yeti: Initial Testing w/ 158gr XTP & 220 gr Hot-Cor

358 Yeti: Initial Testing w/ 158gr XTP & 220 gr Hot-Cor

In this video I’m firing forming some Lake City Brass and performing initial ladder testing with Hornady 158 gr XTP’s and Speer 220 gr Hot-Cor’s. The 358 Yeti is a wildcat round designed by Mad Dog Weapons Systems. I built the rifle, and it’s my first AR build.  Powder: Shooter’s World Blackout. Fresh Formed Lake […]