When Christensen Arms announced their new ultra light rimfire rifle, I immediately thought that something this light that you can pack all day in the field would be a serious critter getter. Christensen Arms has been in business for over 25 years and are well known for their quality and light hunting rifles. Using carbon […]

CZ457 17HMR vs The Zucchini Invasion

Infested with zucchini's?  Watch this video. Today, I finally get my CZ457 17HMR rifle out for testing and sighting in.  I'd put it off long enough, so I decided to have some fun after sighting it in.  Nikon rimfire scope seems to work well and has good glass--represents a good value.  Silencerco Saker 556 suppressor is probably overkill for this rifle, but we enjoyed shooting the 17HMR suppressed. Disclaimer: Zucchini's WERE harmed in the filming of this video.
500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

What happens when Wyoming has a long winter and Steve is locked up in his shop for way too long? He puts together an awesome gun, that’s what! This one is a TC Contender with an EA Brown barrel chambered in 22 Mag. This could be the perfect rifle for our 500 yard rimfire zombie. […]
.22lr Accuracy with Adaptive Tactical – WE TRAIN!

.22lr Accuracy with Adaptive Tactical – WE TRAIN!

If AR-15’s are the Legos of the shooting world, then Ruger 10/22’s are the Barbies. The ease and availability of parts and accessories make this gun one of the most fun to customize. This time we put Adaptive Tactical’s barrel and stock to the test as we demonstrate some offhand and bench shooting in an attempt to demonstrate just how much fun assembling your own rimfire rifle can be!
Ammo Back Ground Check Law In California

Ammo Back Ground Check Law In California

On the eve of the celebration of the freedoms of America, it is ironic that on July 1, a new ammo back ground check law goes into effect whereby all CA purchasers of ammo will have to have identification to enable back ground checks. Included will be fees ranging from $1 - $19 and wait period up to 10 days if back ground checks require it. There's still time to make some last minute purchases...
Tikka t1x

I Bought a Tikka T1x 22LR!

This is my first rimfire rifle and I’m extremely excited to have the latest offering from Tikka. This is the T1x and it has some really cool features. It does come with a premium level cost comparable to CZ 455 level of rifles. I bought this as a trainer for my big Tikka T3x and it does not disappoint. Tons of fun and I will definitely be getting into some 22LR ELR shots in future videos! I try a few brands of ammo and check group size as well as run some rounds at the dueling tree target with the wife!

Bulk 22LR Ammunition Testing – Chapter 1 – Construction & Components

Buying ammo in bulk packs is a great way to save money, while insulating yourself from ammunition shortages.  In recent years though, the sheer volume and selection has reached a point where it's often difficult to tell the difference between quality ammunition, and cleverly-marketed garbage.  With this in mind, I've decided to test out eight different types of bulk 22LR ammunition in order to determine which one is the best.