The Best Crimp For Our 12 Gauge Slug Reloads

The Best Crimp For Our 12 Gauge Slug Reloads

When our reload slugs look good, are solid, and rival factory ammo, we have the best chance at getting performance and accuracy. And the shotgun slug crimp is critical to the success of the ammo. Let’s discuss this feature and make a recommendation for a good road to success… FortuneCookie45LCFortuneCookie45LC started posting videos on YouTube […]
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Removing Fold-Crimp from Shotshells for Reloading

Have you ever wanted to load up some custom 12-gage slug rounds or other roll-crimped shotshells, and discovered that the only empty hulls you had on hand were previously-fired shells that still have star-shaped mouths from a previous fold-crimp? Here is my work-around for rectifying this situation. TheIdahoanShowIdaho was one of the last continental US […]

MEC 600 Slugger

Here is my first short video about the MEC 600 Slugger I bought month ago. The video is more a “first view”. I will make another video showing the reloading process with the MEC 600 Slugger in detail asap. With the MEC 600 Slugger you can reload shotgun slugs with an roll crimp like factory […]