A Lawyer’s Rant about Self Defense Myths

Frequently online and gunstore pontificators will talk about whether a certain gun, or type of ammo, or firearms accessory will screw you over if you ever use it in self defense. Attorneys will pretty much never argue about that nonsense in court..... Don't be the kind of guy to get into trouble. If you don't have a choice, be silent about it, then be honest about it. Being justified is everything, and your whole case is about whether people believe that you are justified. Don't make up stuff. Don't spread myths....

Should You Carry Reloads for Self-Defense?

Here on The Reloaders Network this might seem like preaching to the choir, but I’ve heard enough misinformation about the issue of carrying handloads for self-defense (sometimes even from certified firearms instructors an other ‘experts’ you would expect to know better) that I felt compelled to make a video discussing the issue and presenting it […]
Are single action revolvers suitable for self-defense?

Are single action revolvers suitable for self-defense?

Are Colt 73 style single action revolvers suitable for self-defense? They have been used for self-defense since about 1873; we take a look at some of the features and let you decide if it’s right for you. It looks like, from what I’ve read, that in the average gun fight the defender fires less than three shots.

Tactical Relevance of the Fast Draw

I used to think that the “fast draw” was mostly just a notion from the lore of the Olde West, but my thinking on the subject has changed in recent years. I made this video to explain the change in my reasoning and the reason for the ongoing tactical relevance of the fast draw. TheIdahoanShowIdaho […]