Shotshell Hull Trimmer Kit

Shotshell Hull Trimmer Kit

Today I thought I’d write about my new shotshell hull trimmer.ย  This tool is available in several different configurations, both individually or as part of a kit. For the purposes of this article I’ll be referring to the kit version, which includes the trimmer, two blades, a 1 3/4″ guide, two half-inch guides and a […]

Prototype Shotshell Hull Trimmer

Prototype Shotshell Hull Trimmer I thought today I’d write a brief update on one of my 2019 projects, a handheld shotshell hull trimmer.  After testing many, many different iterations I’m happy to report that the final prototype has arrived from the factory, and it works great. Construction The trimmer itself is constructed from stainless steel, […]

TRN Shotshell Hull Vise

TRN Shotshell Hull Vise If you’re a serious shotshell reloader, chances are you’ve found yourself wishing for an extra pair of hands at one time or another.  Trimming, or roll crimping hulls can be a challenge, even more-so if you’re a perfectionist striving for truly professional looking shells.  For jobs like these, you’re going to […]

Selecting the Best Shotshell Hulls for Reloading

Selecting the Best Shotshell Hulls for Reloading In my last article, we discussed the popular misconception that brass height is somehow an indication of hull strength.  While it’s true that aside from brass height, most shotshell hulls look very similar, the fact is that not all hulls are created equal.  In this article, we’re going […]

Ending the High-Brass, Low-Brass Shotshell Strength Debate

Ending the High-Brass, Low-Brass Shotshell Strength Debate In this article we’re going to address what continues to be a very controversial topic among shotshell reloaders; the high-brass/low-brass strength debate.  For those that don’t reload shotshells or are just new to the practice, the argument I’m referring to is that high-brass hulls are somehow stronger, or […]

Loading #0 Buckshot on the MEC 600 Jr

Loading #0 Buckshot on the MEC 600 Jr Buckshot is one of the most versatile shotgun rounds you’re likely to find.  With hunting, self-defense and tactical applications, there’s very little you can’t do with it, but good grief is it ever expensive!  With prices as high as $2/round or more for the premium stuff, and […]

Resizing Shotshell Hulls with a MEC Super-Sizer

Resizing Shotshell Hulls with a MEC Super-Sizer Spend any kind of time reloading high-brass shotgun shells using a ring-style resizing die, and you’re bound to stumble upon the all-too-common, and much-lamented issue of binding.  Binding hulls can quickly bring an otherwise productive reloading session to a screeching halt, as the reloader is now forced to […]

Anatomy of a Shotshell

Anatomy of a Shotshell Not unlike metallic cartridge-based ammunition, modern shotshells are comprised of a number of different components working in unison.  Despite this similarity, many gun owners are surprised to learn that shotshells are actually a fair bit more complex than their metallic cousins. The basic breakdown of components includes a primer, hull, propellant, […]