Shooters World and 357 Magnum

We load and test .357 Magnum using Shooters World Heavy Pistol powder and discuss the results. Shooters World Powders are available from North Georgia Reloading at their website, their retail store in Fort Oglethorpe, GA, and in their booth at a gun show near you. I hope you guys will try the entire line. Thanks for watching and may God bless you all.
Tacopocalypse VR

Casting (open fire), Pan Lubing (bacon grease), Reloading (.44 Magnum), and Range Time – my Tacopocalypse VR

This video is a VR to the Tacopocalypse challenge issued by Full.Lead.Taco. His YouTube channel recently crossed over the 2,000 subscriber mark and that prompted him to do a giveaway. Taco is one of the nicest and most generous guys you'll ever talk to, and he has some of the best prize options of any giveaway I've ever seen. This video features bullet casting over an open flame, making bullet lube from bacon grease, pan lubing, reloading, and range time with my .44 Magnum.

5 Screw S&W Revolver — K22 Masterpiece

A very nice 5 Screw K22 Masterpiece from 1953. Often it is asked what is the real difference between the 5screw, 4screw and 3screw S&W revolvers. I am blessed enough to know someone who has each of this generational series in 22LR. I will give a high level brief overview of the differences starting with […]
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Skeeter Load for Snubbies

The "Skeeter Load", which is a 250 grain cast SWC loaded in a .44 Special case with 7.5 grains of Unique powder, is one of my favorite loads.  This load, named for Skeeter Skelton, shoots from my 6 1/2" S&W Model 29 at about 950 fps.  I want to duplicate this velocity when shooting the same bullet from my S&W Model 629 TALO Deluxe, which has a 3" barrel.